5 Simple Steps To Help Sell Your Naples Home Faster

Step 1 – Get Professional photos
When listing a property for sale the most important step is getting the best photos possible for your home. Buyers are looking online for your property. They look at pictures. Statistics show that approximately 80% of all home buyers start their search online. As they scan through hundreds of properties for sale you only have a split second to attract their attention. Crisp and clear well lit professional photos make the difference between a flood of showings and inquiries or just a trickle. It’s money well spent. Full time realtors like me cover the cost of professional photos on all of my listings.

Step 2 – Declutter & depersonalize
Potential buyers sometimes remember the objects they see as much as the space. You might love your ceramic bird collection displayed in the family room or your turbo juice maker on the kitchen counter, but don’t distract your potential buyer with something that they might not like. Also clear away everything on the kitchen and bathroom counter tops to make them look bigger and more organized. Store away personal objects and family photos. I have heard too many buyer customers commenting on family photos and connecting the house with the family rather than themselves.

Step 3 – Define your spaces
Make it easy for your buyer to know what each area of the house is supposed to be used for. Use your own furniture to define each space or get staging furniture to create your living room, dining area, bedrooms, an office, ect. Rooms without a clear identity create confusion for a buyer. Don’t let them guess. I always include a floor plan in my marketing material as well with each space labeled.

Step 4 – Let the light in
Heavy drapes and shades block light and create dark rooms that look smaller and less lively. Take down the heavy curtains and the valances across the tops of the windows to let the light in and also make the ceilings look higher. Buyers want bright and light spaces. Especially here in Naples where most buyers coming from the cold dark North are craving the sun. Give it to them. Especially if you have a great water view!

Step 5 – Price it right
I hear from many sellers that they can always lower price later so they want to start higher than the market and comparable sales. Although it might sound reasonable it actually works the opposite. Buyers today are much more informed about property prices than ever before. Online searches can easily compare past sales. Realtors know pricing. It’s our full time job. Over priced listings don’t get as many showings as they should. Buyers filter their searches by price. They may not even see that your home is for sale if it doesn’t show up in the price range of it’s comparables. Over priced homes sit longer and get stale. Buyers question “what is wrong with this house and why has it been on the market for so long?” Then they make low ball offers. Price it right and fairly and you will get real buyers.

When you’re considering making a move, ask me for a free “what’s my house worth?” update.

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